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MCEN 3030 Computational Methods

This course studies fundamental numerical techniques for the solution of commonly encountered engineering problems. Includes methods for linear and nonlinear algebraic equations, data analysis, optimization, numerical differentiation and integration, ordinary and partial differential equations.

MCEN 4228/5228-012: Automated Mechanical Design Synthesis

This course introduces computational approaches to automatically generate mechanical designs that satisfy predefined specifications. Multimaterial mechanical design is formulated as a constrained non-convex multi-objective optimization problem, and various algorithms to solve these optimization problems are discussed. Topics include: review of the expert-driven design process; computational analysis tools based on mechanical simulation (finite element methods, mesh-free methods); topological optimization; compositional design; multi-objective optimization; evolutionary design; design for manufacturing with additive manufacturing (FDM, SLA, Inkjet). Students will use the methods presented to automatically design a mechanical part that satisfies specifications.

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