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How Can I Get Involved in MAClab?

So, you're interested in working with the MACLab? Great!


Do this first: review the web page (, and read some of our recent papers that are relevant to your interests. Once you've done this, write Prof MacCurdy and tell him more about your specific interests and how they could fit with what the MACLab is doing (based on what you've read). Write up perhaps a half page to a page that synthesizes what you've read with what you think are the logical next steps based on that published work. These steps would constitute the near-term and medium-term tasks/projects that you might try if you join our lab.

Undergraduate Research Assistant - Materials synthesis and testing for Multi-Material Inkjet 3D Printing

The Matter Assembly Computation Lab (MACLab) headed by Prof. Rob MacCurdy is looking for an undergraduate research assistant to help with experimental work involving multi-material additive manufacturing through Inkjet 3D Printing.


The work involves formulating UV-curing materials such as hydrogels, elastomers and tough polymers to fabricate multi-material parts with electro-mechanical properties ranging from soft to stiff and conductive and insulating.


These multi-material composites have many applications in soft robotics and medical devices, such as actuators, support structures and soft sensors. The student is expected to help with the characterization of resulting mechanical and electronic properties of printed composites through mechanical and electronic testing.


Experience or knowledge of UV-curing chemical processes (mainly free-radical polymerization) to characterize polymeric materials is helpful.

Prior experience using mechanical testing devices (Instron, MTS etc.), 3D printers and Laser-cutters is helpful. 


Interested students should contact Prof. Rob MacCurdy regarding this position.

For more details about the work, you may contact Vidyacharan Venkata (VC)

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